About Just One Breath

Breath hold tranining My wife and I training our breath hold in Moalboal, Philippines

I am John Folkvord, an AIDA master freediving instructor currently working in Panglao, Bohol. My goal is teach as many people as possible how to better experience diving without tanks, also called apnea diving.

After spending quite a lot of time in the water while growing up, I took my first freediving lesson with Tomaz Jereb in February 2013. I loved it from the beginning and became hooked on the spot. My wife also loved it, so we decided to adjust our South East Asian travel plans to allow for more freediving. This meant I could spend a lot of time in the water, and as we talked to more and more other travellers about how amazing freediving is I found out that I realy, really wanted to be able to share it with others.

I spent some time looking around for places where I could participate in an instructor class. The search was over when I found out that that Jean-Pol Francois, the education officer in AIDA , was conducting instructor course not far from where i was diving. I couldn't let it pass. Some intensive traning with Stefan Randig of Freedive Panglao helped me reach the required level to take the instructor course, and in the beginning in August 2013 I got my instructor license.

I spent half a year instructing freediving in Coron and liked it a lot, especially the lakes - a fantastic dive for freedivers of all levels. Unfortunately it's not possible to dive from shore in Coron town, and this, together with lacking stability of the internet was the reason we decided to move on. But I still love the palce, and would happy to go back there if I'm able to schedule a big enough course.

I have been teaching at Freedive Panglao from March 2016, and I enjoy being a part of a bigger freediving community compared to when I was teaching for myself.

Hope to see you in the water!

Just One Breath freediving offers courses from AIDA (Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée)