AIDA Freediving courses overview

This is an overview of the basic AIDA courses you can take.

AIDA 1 Star

The 1 star course should be suitable for everyone that is somewhat comfortable in water. The only requirement for joining the course is that you're able to swim 100 meters. The course will open your mind to a whole new underwater experience where you will increase your confidence and reach a new level of relaxation.
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AIDA 2 Star

This course builds on what was learned in the AIDA 1 Star course but it can also be a starting point for students that are already confident in the water. Focus for the course is to make a foundation of good technique and safety while diving.
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AIDA 3 Star

This is the next step after the AIDA 2 Star course. The course is getting a bit more serious now and the student is taken deeper deeper in both theoretical areas and the litteral meaning of the word. You will learn more theory of what's going on in the body when it comes to freediving. The student will also learn more about what's going on in the body while equalizing, traing equalizing with frenzel technique, expand on what is already known about the cardiovascular system and learn more about buoyancy in regard to freediving.
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AIDA 4 Star

The last step in the AIDA edcucation ladder. Mouth fill euqlization technique, FRC diving, and conditioning your body for deep diving are some of the areas covered in the course.
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I also offer training sessions. From shallow to deep diving.
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Just One Breath freediving offers courses from AIDA (Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée)